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Dining With Dignity
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Williamsburg, VA 23188
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Here are the stories of a few of of our customers.

 If you have a story you would like to tell, please contact us.

“I’m not sure you will remember me, but you met my wife and I at the disability conference at McClain Bible Church. My sister-in-law was in a car accident and you told me about the tenodesis brace. Anyway, she got her cutlery today and she was crying because it made such a big difference. She was able to eat Ice Cream unassisted. Before we sent here the cutlery, she had trouble keeping the spoon level. Just wanted you to it has made a huge difference in her everyday life. Thank you,” — Ben Roberts

“Hi Mr. Bayton, I was introduced to your product at Kennedy Krieger Institute by Kristin Brockmeyer-Stubbs, my son’s regular OT. My son did so well with it, he surprised himself as well as us. We visit Kristin once a month, working on Oral Motor, and when she brought these utensils out, put the spoon on my son’s hand, he immediately had the correct movement going to feed himself. We have tried so many different products, and yours appears to be the one that will make that step to independence for him.” — Marcie Perry

At last! My husband has had MS for forty years and is enjoying his meals without my assistance again. Thank you for this wonderful design I am ordering a second set for travel. – K. Fernandez

“Thanks Bob! This is the third set I am ordering for my brother. He is so enjoying eating now! I am keeping a set with me for times that we dine out, and have instructed staff where he lives that he has to have a set with him whenever he eats out. The third set is for the home, just in case silverware is left behind, and can’t be retrieved before the next meal.

You and I talked when I ordered the first set of silverware. My brother Peter, is epileptic, and as a result of taking Dilantin all his life, has a condition called Dupuytren’s Contracture, where extra tissue grows in his hands., pulling om the ligaments and shortening them, which is closing his fingers. His hands are also very weak. He had surgery for this condition a few years ago, and it remanifested itself almost immediately. Thank you for working to meet your needs and sharing your findings with us!”

“There are some other handicapped individuals in the community where my brother lives. I have given the OK for a set of silverware to be used for testing. You will probably be receiving more orders from Sanford, Maine.”

“You deserve to do well in your business venture. So many people will benefit. I have been singing your praises, and will continue to do so.” – Jane Fanning Brown