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Chef Designs Unique Utensils

The Pilot Club of Suffolk is always alert for speakers and information that can be of assistance to others in this community, and they recently welcomed Bob Bayton, a former chef who designed special eating utensils for physically challenged.

Bayton came to Suffolk and introduce the specialty flatware during “Brain Awareness Week.” a time annually set aside by Pilot to educate the public about people with brain disorders or physical challenges.

At the meeting held in Suffolk’s Holiday Inn. Bayton told the Pilots that he designed the innovative silverware after sustaining a spinal cord injury in a vehicular accident With his passion for food and dining out. he found that he was just not satisfied with eating utensils offered by the Occupational Therapy industry.

Bayton said his silverware was designed to help people with gripping and manipulation of their eating utensils. As he noted, eating is an everyday event taken for granted by people without hand or finger impairments. However, for millions of others, eating is a challenging experience. Due to temporary or permanent physical conditions, some people’s hand movements are challenged

“These utensils would benefit people with multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, stroke victims, those with Parkinson’s disease, arthritic conditions and many more,” said Bayton. “The silverware reduces self-consciousness in the users, and it restores self sufficiency to those who currently rely on others for help in eating. That’s why we call it Dining with Dignity?

Bayton also noted to the Pilot members that his inventive tableware is available by calling him at 757-565-2452, or 757-876-6279.

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