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Adaptive Silverware for the Grip Impaired

Helping you regain dignity one bite at a time

Our Adaptive Silverware Products & Accessories

U.S. Patent #6,895,639

Specialty Adaptive Silverware designed specifically for people with grip impairments.

Elegant, patented design enables those with grip impairments to grasp their fork, knife and spoon, independently thanks to an  adjustable yoke  attached to each utensil handle.

NOTE: We now offer smaller sizes for children or people with smaller hands.

Thanks to our loyal customers and our overall success, we are now offering our products at lower rate than ever before! Thank You!


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Knife Knife

Steak Knife

Steak Knife Steak Knife


Fork Fork

Small Fork

Small Fork Small Fork


 Spoon  Spoon

Small Spoon

Small Spoon Small Spoon

Utensil Pouch


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